Comprehensive View: Integrated Financial Services

Our approach looks extensively at a clients’ current needs, long-term goals and provisions for future generations. We believe in planting the seeds to cultivate wealth for the long-term.

We use a calculated strategy to incorporate your short-term goals and long-term dreams.

Our Services

Tax Advisory & Compliance

  • In-house preparation of personal, corporate, partnership and trust tax returns
  • Assist and coordinate quarterly estimated tax payments
  • Tax planning (including issues resulting from tax law changes)
  • Represent clients in front of IRS
  • Relocation analysis
  • Analyze impact of charitable giving

Family Office

  • Centralized gatekeeper for all financial affairs
  • Consolidated financial reporting
  • Real Estate oversight
  • Cash Management & Bill Pay
  • Coordination of financial activity
  • Concierge services
  • Leading technology solutions

Investment Management

  • Total asset allocation
  • Performance reporting
  • Risk profiling and management
  • Integration of balance sheet
  • Integration of cash flow and liquidity needs
  • Investment policy statement

Wealth Planning

  • Holistic financial planning
  • Financial modeling
  • Asset protection planning
  • Legacy planning
  • Business succession planning
  • Family governance

How does the wheel align with your wealth management goals?

Fortis Family Office derives its success in working with families to build and sustain financial well-being with a circular approach to wealth management. The wheel represents that each Fortis Family Office service deserves equal importance to our holistic view of gaining and retaining wealth. Like the falcon orbiting high above the vineyard, circling the wheel’s circumference leads to achieving a Higher Financial Perspective.

Leaving the center of the circle, each primary service in green leads to a successful future outcome in blue. Whether it's Business Planning that can lead to increased Financial Stewardship or Insurance Auditing that can alleviate Future Risk, Fortis Family Office has created a Wealth Management sphere to capture the right outcome for your family’s financial goals.

How does the wheel align with your wealth management goals? Taking a detailed look at your entire financial picture contained inside the wheel is the first step in the Fortis Family Office process. Connect with us and learn more about our approach to achieving financial comfort and security for your family now and future generations.

Fortis services wheel