Joseph Boris

Joseph Boris

Family Office Advisor

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In his role as a Family Advisor, Joe is an integral part of our financial reporting and tax teams. An expert in tax compliance, Joe’s responsibilities include monitoring cash flows, budgets, and assessing fair market values. He prepares quarterly financial reports as well as individual, partnership and corporate tax returns. Joe is a trusted advisor for a wide range of tax and financial questions. He joined Fortis in 2002.

Joe received a Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting & Economics from Drexel University and a Master of Business Administration from St. Joseph’s University.

Attention to detail is paramount during a typical workday at Fortis. All day. Every day. In order to succeed in a career that requires such laser focus and concentration, Joe finds balance and personal fulfillment through physical wellness, applying his achievement-focused personality to competitive swimming.

We’re always in close touch with our clients. Where others might wait for the phone to ring, we are proactive in all areas of their financial well-being. We’re an active, diverse group of professionals who offer a full service experience for our clients.