Cyber Security Awareness Month-Week 4

October 2017

Protecting Children and Older Adults from Cyber Crime

During Week 4 of National Cyber Security Awareness Month, we will focus on protecting the most vulnerable targets of cyber criminals – children and older adults.

 For parents, the Department of Homeland Security offers a guide that addresses the importance of talking with your children about the dangers of being online. To download the guide, use this link:

 Chatting With Kids Booklet.pdf

For adults age 65 and over (and for their adult children), the Department of Homeland Security also offers a brochure about particular areas of vulnerability and tips on how to protect your information and identity. Go to:

Cyber Security and Older Americans.pdf


 You may also be interested in these other resources:

  • FBI: Here you can find a list of common fraud schemes aimed at older Americans

  •  SeniorNet offers computer training at senior centers, public libraries, schools, and hospitals as part of their mission to provide older adults computer technology education.

  • helps protect consumers from being victimized by fraud.

  • Federal Trade Commission’s PassItOn Campaign: The PassItOn Campaign enlists people 65 and older to recognize and report fraud and other scams. Topics include imposter scams, identity theft, charity fraud, health care scams, paying too much, and “you’ve won” scams.

If you think you or someone close to you is a target or victim of cyber crime, please reach out to your Fortis Wealth advisor.